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The National Fertility Conference is the main annual education event organised by AIRRM.

The National Fertility Conference, inspired by the vision of the late Professor Nicholas Tonti-Filippini  in “establishing the basis for collaborative research and development in fertility awareness and diagnosis and treatment of infertility” has been held yearly since its inaugural year in 2014 in Melbourne.

It has previously hosted international guest speakers and expert local specialists.

The conference provides a forum for dialogue, education, and research for advancing improvements in the provision of a holistic restorative approach to infertility and reproductive health. This involves:

  • Current research and clinical developments in the field of fertility and infertility.

  • Fertility awareness education and promotion

  • Delineation of the disease processes that affect male and female fertility

  • Collaborative diagnosis and restorative treatments for male & female infertility

  • Providing couples with appropriate emotional, psychological, and spiritual support on their fertility journey

  • Enabling options of adoption and fostering