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The Australasian Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine (AIRRM) is the peak professional organisation dedicated to holistic management of fertility/infertility and reproductive health disorders. We promote contemporary and evidence-based fertility management, and aim for excellence in the provision of physical, psychological and spiritual care. Governance of the Institute is guided by Specialist Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, General Practitioners and Fertility Educators from around Australia and New Zealand. Membership is open to clinicians, educators, bioethicists, policy-makers, and those with an interest in Restorative Reproductive Medicine.


AIRRM partners with the national Fertility Awareness Agencies involved in evidence-based fertility education to:

  • Instruct individuals/couples in their signs of fertility

  • Assist in the diagnosis of disorders affecting reproductive health

  • Facilitate restoration of reproductive health, making use of patient-centred techniques, medical therapy and surgical techniques where appropriate


  • Co-operate with a couple’s natural fertility in restoring health for its complete function

  • Provide education and training for members, medical and allied health professionals in fertility-awareness and Restorative Reproductive Medicine

  • Be a central source of information to the public regarding fertility awareness-based methods (FABMs) and Restorative Reproductive Medicine.

  • Participate in, support and disseminate research relating to reproductive health, in conformity with the AIRRM Code of Ethics.